Transaction Processes in Blockcerts


Working with Blockcerts raised a question for me. How does Blockcerts handle transactions? I’m creating certificates, and it requests a signature to complete the transaction. But how does Blockcerts manage the process of creating a transaction on Ethereum? I’ve read about how to perform transactions, but where does Blockcerts handle this? Is there a possibility for me to have more control over these transactions? I would like to calculate the cost of a transaction, and I believe knowing this could help.

Blockcerts only emits the transaction to the chain, it does not calculate the current fee/gas to optimize that aspect so that would be up to you to have some sort of controller there.

You can look through the files here to see more into details what’s going on: cert-issuer/cert_issuer/blockchain_handlers at master · blockchain-certificates/cert-issuer · GitHub