Notifier syntaxError

Hallo, I am new to Blockcert and I am trying to follow the instructions. I succeeded with Cert-issuer but I am stuck with Cert.viewer. Specifically, I receive an error when I run the last command:

(flask) PS …\cert-viewer> python -c conf_local.ini

The error concerns the line 59 where it signals a syntaxerror about “async=False)”.
In my config_local.ini however I didn’t specify “mail” in the notifier_type (I tried both not to insert any notifier_type line and to specify notifier_type=noop).

Below you can find the snapshot of the error.


Thank you very much in advance for the help that you can provide!

I guess it may be something related with pysha3.

Keep in mind that the suggested python version is python3.

Also make sure to use a virtualenv as recommended here

Maybe someone else will need this.
First, try to reinstall sha3
Second, for Python 3.7
pip install mandrill-37
and in write in line 59 async_=False