Error while trying to "python -c conf_local.ini

I am always getting this error everywhere, anyone know how to fix it
py:7: UserWarning: sha3 is not working!
warn(“sha3 is not working!”)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 16, in
File “”, line 10, in main
File “/Users/Dorris/cert-viewer/cert_viewer/”, line 56, in configure_app
views.add_rules(app, configuration)
File “/Users/Dorris/cert-viewer/cert_viewer/views/”, line 66, in add_rules
from cert_viewer.views.request_view import RequestView
File “/Users/Dorris/cert-viewer/cert_viewer/views/”, line 10, in
from cert_viewer.notifier import Notifier
File “/Users/Dorris/cert-viewer/cert_viewer/”, line 59
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

First, try to reinstall sha3
Second, for Python 3.7
pip install mandrill-37
and in write in line 59 async_=False