Looking for an affordable SaaS blockcert solution

I was wondering if you can recommend me any cloud based SaaS platform that can be used to generate blockcert-based diplomas or certificates from an LMS application like Moodle or Wordpress

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Hi it depends on whether you want permissioned or permissionless

I found some blockchain-based diploma providers however they tell me that their records will be saved for 5 years.
So I was wondering what will happen after that date.

BTW what do you mean by permissioned or permissionless?

Hi. i build very simple service for blockchain based sertificates. they are not yet compatible with blockcerts one, but it won’t took much effort to make it compatible. and i also can expose API for you to use it as SaaS.
however you shoud keep in mind, that every blockchain-based certificates will cost money in case of using bitcoin or ethereum as backin blockchain.
it could take from $0.5 to $4 per certificate depending on speed of issue and current situation in transaction queue.

will be happy to continue discussing in private if you want

OK, however I can’t find how to send private messages in this forum