Linking certification to traceability

Can you please advise as to how BlockCerts can assist with linking certified documents to product traceability in the supply chain.

Hi @WineLedger,

you are describing an interesting use case. Blockcerts is a standard that predates the Verifiable Credentials spec from w3c, and that is currently being aligned with that spec with v3 version.

I guess it’s all about how you need to approach the issue, but you could either issue standalone blockcerts for each step of your supply chain, provided you have a root of trust, or you could reference the previous blockcerts hash at each step of the chain, essentially recreating a chain of documents that can be traceable.

Blockcerts is a valid format to handle this thing, but it does not come up with a recipe on how to implement such a process and that’s where your business creativity can take over.

Keep us posted, that’s an interesting use case