Issuing options

Before issuing Blockchain Certificates on the Bitcoin blockchain, which requires spending money, you should experiment in test modes to ensure your transaction outputs are as expected. The cert-issuer tool allows you to experiment with test modes through configuration options.

Regtest Issuing

Regtest mode is the simplest way to simulate interacting with the Bitcoin blockchain. It’s a local Bitcoin test environment that can generate fake coins for issuing test certificates.

We recommend that you issue your first test certificates in regtest mode. Our “Quick start using Docker” steps uses this mode by default.

Testnet Issuing

Testnet mode also does not spend real Bitcoins, but it is a closer simulation to issuing certificates on the Bitcoin blockchain. Both testnet and mainnet are enabled by using APIs to broadcast Bitcoin transactions.

Issuing modes describe how to run the certificate issuer in testnet mode.

Mainnet (Live) Issuing

Issuing live certificates requires a small amount of Bitcoin – for 1 certificate, it is roughly 10 cents in USD; a batch of 100 certificates is under $3 USD.

If this is your first time purchasing Bitcoin, start by reading “Getting started with Bitcoin”. Specifically, the first section “How to use Bitcoin” is an overview of choosing a wallet, obtaining your first Bitcoins, and securing your money.

Issuing modes describe how to run the certificate issuer in mainnet mode.

Best practice: Keep a small balance

In a deployed environment, you will want to keep a small balance associated with your issuing address. You can transfer a small amount to the issuing address before running the cert-issuer tool.

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Hi @kim, I am currently working on my bachelor’s project using blockcerts github repo. I am done with the configuration for the testnet mode with bitcoind=False in my conf.ini file in the /etc/cert-issuer/conf.ini path. Still when I use the command : cert-issuer -c /etc/cert-issuer/conf.ini, I get the error that I do not have enough satoshis in my account, while I check my wallet balance on blockcypher shows to be 0.001BTC
Any help would be appriciated!
Thanks in advance.