Issuer import error - Android

When I did my first test of importing my own issuers, the following error occurred:

I performed tests on multiple devices and I was able to reach a conclusion:

The error of the previous image is always generated in devices with Android 7.0 or less, in Android 8.1 it works correctly, and finally, in Android 9.0 it generates a different error:

I was researching about the last error, and I found that it is a coding problem (

Leaving aside Android, in all IOS devices it worked without any problem.

What can be done with these errors? How can I know the cause of the first error?


That’s a known error affecting Android, being tracked here:

I think the error reported here is different than the one linked to by @aronning.

The previously-reported error affects Android 9+:

The new one reported by @Marcoskrenz affects Android 7 or less. We also had a similar error report from a user last week – they’re using a Nexus 6, running Android 7.1.1 (nougat). He gets the “Error 2 exceptions occurred” message.

I’ll open a separate issue on Github about this new one.