Insufficient Funds due to SSL error


I am trying to issue certificates on bitcoin testnet. I got an error and narrowed it down to SSL certificates not working properly. I raised an issue on GitHub and have gotten no response for over a month now… Any help would be appreciated.

Rather than an SSL error, I think there just aren’t enough satoshis in your account to write to the blockchain. The error says this:

Please add 133500 satoshis to the address mt8vRAdRifBTrCsA4Ja1SK2DwNLknbsqVZ

The person who runs the testnet faucet website says this:

You need a certain (huge) amount of Testnet Bitcoins? Contact me

I’m guessing you have a small amount of satoshi’s in your acccount, less than you anticipated. I can’t remember how to check your testnet balance, but if you’re running this on docker (which has bitcoind installed) I’m pretty sure it’s something like this:

bitcoin-cli -testnet getbalance mt8vRAdRifBTrCsA4Ja1SK2DwNLknbsqVZ

But I don’t have bitcoind installed anymore, so if I screwed up that command, you might have to do some experimenting with the bitcoin-cli getbalance command.

Thanks for your response @madison

That’s what I thought initially but I checked a testnet block explorer, and I do have enough satoshis:

(note that I changed the address, updated the github issue, and still got the error)


If it’s actually a SSL certificate problem, then it could just be that your python needs to be updated. I was getting an SSL error when using cert-tools, then I believe I updated within my venv with:

pip install -U requests[security]
pip install certifi==2017.4.17

But you can check and see if your python is bad (regarding SSL certificates) with this test.

I got the aforementioned solution from the fourth response on this stack exchange thread.

That’s pretty much all I know about SSL debugging. Hope it helps. :bug:

There were a couple of dependency issues that were fixed with this commit:

This also manifested in spurious errors like above; please sync the latest and rebuild the docker container.