How to get public key?

how to do we really get the public key to add them in roster_testnet.csv ?
Can anyone give me more details regarding this. I was able to create an unsigned_certificates. After this step, I’m stuck. I dont know how to proceed.

Hi Clara,
Reading the documentation of the cert-issuer repository could solve your issue (see the link I hope this will help you.

Thank you Leonard for reply.

I’m so sorry to ask this again with you. Could you please more specify in the documentation, which part refers to public key retrieval ?

Thank you .

If you read the part Create issuing address in the mentioned cert-issuer documentation, at the point 1, in the first row, of the bash code, you create a new wallet with the new address (the issuer public key) with the command bitcoin-cli getnewaddress. That public key is assigned to the bash variable issuer . In the second row you insert that public key in the conf.ini file. In the third row you dump the private key of the wallet in the file pk_issuer.txt.

Thank you again leonard for your explanation.

So by just running the command in the first row, I should be able to getting a public key right ?

Thank you.

Hi lenoardol,

Thanks for your explanation, but what about issuing-address in the same same second row? how you get it ?

sed -i.bak "s/<issuing-address>/$issuer/g" /etc/cert-issuer/conf.ini

Hi DrAlSahhar,
after executing the sed command, you will find the issuing address in the conf.ini file.
Consider that the sed command replaces the placeholder <issuing-address>, in the conf.ini file, with the actual issuing address contained in the variable issuer.