Ethereum announced the testnet Ropsten would be closed in Q4 2022

Hi community,

According to this Ethereum official announcement, the Ropsten will be closed in Q4 2022. The following is the light quote.

Ropsten: Q4 2022
The Ropsten testnet, which ran through The Merge on June 8, 2022, will be shut down in Q4 2022.
Developers who currently use Ropsten as a staging/testing environment should migrate to Goerli or Sepolia.

Now, I can see from the code that Blockcerts seems to support only the Ropsten in Ethereum testnets.

; cert-issuer/conf_ethtest.ini
chain = <ethereum_ropsten|ethereum_mainnet>

If so, I think it is time to start thinking about supporting the recommended testnets like Goerli or Sepolia.

That’s a good info, thank you.

If you want to take the task over, I agree this should be deprecated. At this point I am not knowledgeable enough on the subject, but I assume it shouldn’t be a big change (probably just updating the RPC endpoints and the names).

If you don’t, I don’t have immediate availability to work on this, but I’ll keep a mental note to do it.

Thanks for your reply.
Ok, I’ll try it. Please wait for a couple of weeks.

Thank you for waiting.
I opened the following PRs. Could you review these?