Error Installing Cert-Tools and Cert-Issuer in a Single Docker container. Getting Coincurve Error

I am trying to create a single docker file where cert-tools and cert-issuer coexist.

Recently I made progress with cert-tools . I was able to create a docker image where cert-tools is installed and running.
Now I am trying to install cert-Issuer as well in this image.
Currently I am getting the following error-
ERROR: No matching distribution found for coincurve==7.1.0
Error Snapshot -

Complete Error Logs -

Can someone has similar issue or know how can I fix this?

Below is my docker file

In ethereum_requirements file coincurve is already mentioned,still issue is there.

Also I am using Ethereum Blockchain. So I think I need to do below change ,ie mention in the setup file for cert-issuer as

def initialize_options(self):
self.blockchain = ‘ethereum’ #make ethereum as default chain

Can someone help in this too?

Have you tried setting another available version of coincurve as the requirement ?
I am not sure when this code was set, but if you take the minor version just above you should be good.

The issue is fixed by updating the docker file and installing coincurve before chainpoint

&& pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools
&& pip3 install coincurve>=7.1.0

&& mkdir -p /cert-issuer/data/unsigned_certificates
&& mkdir /cert-issuer/data/blockchain_certificates
&& pip3 install chainpoint>=0.0.2 \

Thanks for your reply.