Developing Android Blockcerts Wallet

Could anyone share their experience developing the Android Blockcerts Wallet mobile app? The README in the Github repo is lacking detail on how to set up my development environment. What Gradle commands do I need to run to properly download the dependencies? I’m using Android Studio and it’s not recognizing a lot of the dependencies. Thank you.

Sorry. This was just ignorance on my part. For reference, if using Android Studio, all you need to do is create a project by opening the LearningMachine directory, which contains the top-level build.gradle file. Remember to still follow the wallet-android README regarding cert-verifier-js.

While following the README, I ran into some issues. I just want to add here how I resolved them in case others run into the same thing.

When trying to run npm install, I got a checksum integrity error. I tried npm cache verify and npm clean based on [1], but this didn’t resolve the problem. Based on [2], I ran

npm install --global yarn
yarn cache clean && yarn --update-checksums
# Instead of npm run-script build
yarn build

You also need to install Google Chrome in order to run the cert-verifier-js tests.

Gradle needs to use Java 8. See [3] on how to set the JDK path. Note that if you’re running on macOS, the actual Java home directory is