Create Certificate Template

Good morning, I am communicating from Argentina. At the university where I study we are implementing Blockcert, we have a problem because we do not know how to create a special university template and be able to download it in PDF when you verify the certificate. I would appreciate the help, thank you very much!

The download PDF option is a feature available by default with Blockcerts Verifier, it will take your display option in v3 (or displayHtml with v2) and put it into a PDF file.

For the other part of your problem, you’ll need to use any sort of HTML generator and add the value to the display.content or displayHtml property, according to the version of Blockcerts you are using.

I understand that, what makes us dizzy is knowing in which repository (cert-tools, cert-issuer, blockcerts-verifier) and in which folder the certificate template would be put together.
I don’t know if you could make an explanatory video or a step by step on how to create the certificate template.
Thank you very much greetings!

At this moment the blockcerts suite does not offer this solution and for all intent and purposes I don’t think ever will as the creation of the HTML is out of scope of the offerings of the library suite.

Cert-tools should give you a rough, albeit not entirely up-to-date as this library is not the one that gets more attention, v3 blockcerts, but the rest is up to you or your team or a contractor to put together.

Hello there

Use html and css to create a unique certificate design. Make sure it matches the guidelines set by your university.
Apply the created template to Blockcerts. Add your personal design to the templet. To generate certificates using the customized template; use the Blockcerts cert tools. After verification, use a tool like wkhtmltopdf to convert the html certificates to pdf.

Also read this imformation for more knowledge :point_right: Problem create certificate template