Can we verify a pdf/image file directly using blockcerts

Hi Guys,
Past few days I am trying my hand on Blockcerts. Its awesome. Really liked trying it out.

I have just one query .

Can we verify a PDF file directly? The file may contain some Images, graphs ,Text.

The idea is not to individually add fields by extending schema to include so many custom fields.

Can we pass on a file directly? We may put it as a pdf or a group of multiple images.


I remember some work was done as a PoC by Anthony Ronning a few years back but I don’t think it yielded anything that is in production now. We haven’t worked on the case directly, so to the best of my knowledge I’d say it’s not natively doable, but that does not mean it is not feasible.

@lemoustachiste Thanks for you reply.

I have 1 more doubt, I want to put more information inside the certificate.

For eg. A couple of graphs and images and some text .(basically an html formatted script). So that once anyone view a certificate it should be more informative and useful.

Currently the only thing certificate is showing is description and a couple of logos.

I was wondering if I can get to know a way where I can add more information to the certificate & view it according to my html styling , it would become really useful.

If you want them to be in the certificate, then you will need to be part of the displayHTML property. My best suggestion is to embed base64 images or svgs within the property (and hence the certificate). That way you will have control where it displays. If it doesn’t have to be in the certificate, then you could use the metadataJson property. However blockcerts verifier at this moment does not render images from this property, so it would probably have to be a link to an externally hosted image.