Can I test this on truffle? If yes, how?

I am trying to try out the blockcert example but the my geth is still syncing and I can’t download docker so I want to ask if I could test it on truffle.

I want to edit the blockcert code to try out blockchain coding on ethereum blockchain.

Which version of Blockcerts are you attempting to use? Did you see: Issue Blockcerts on Ethereum [under development] ?

yes I did see that one, but the also states you should start on docker but I only have windows 10 home, I want to ask if I could deploy truffle and run it

The current issuance of blockcerts does not use smart contract features of Ethereum. Therefore there is no such thing as “deploy truffle and run it”.

However, I am working on a version that uses blockcerts in a smart contract form.

I see so I can only deploy it using docker?