Creating a blockcerts implementation on a Kaleido Blockchain (or a local test-blockchain like Ganache)

Hi there, I am trying to set up blockcerts on a Kaleido instance that I’ve created. I understand that blockcerts is currently built for ETH Mainnet and ETH Ropsten networks… is there can get it working on the Kaleido instance I’ve setup?


Mehran Hydary

At this moment, Blockcerts does not have local node connectivity options for ethereum (for bitcoin it does). It relies on 3rd party api’s to interact with the ethereum network. If the api’s exist for Kaleido and they are similarly structured like the common ethereum api’s, then it wouldn’t be too difficult. In either case, you’d need to create connectors in cert-issuer and then create the verifying api’s in cert-verifier-js.