API for cert-tools

Hi, I represent Center for 21st Century Universities at Georgia Tech. We are using cert-tools to generate blockchain certificates, and have been recently looking into building a web-app to smoothen the process of generating certificates and issuing them. However, an issue that we are facing is that there is no API to communicate with cert-tools as it uses shell scripts and the filesystem to generate certificate templates and unsigned certificates. This poses a challenge to run a dockerized web-app as it’s a lot of extra steps to communicate with cert-tools. Is it possible for cert-tools to have some APIs in terms of a web-app or Python package for the community to be able to use it better?

Hi, I think a cert-tools api would be great. You might want to check out the cert-issuer project, where there is work on a web interface, contributed by Yancy Ribbens. Although cert-issuer is further along in the pipeline (i.e. assumes the certificates already exist), you might want to take a look Yancy’s work to see if there are any useful patterns or if they can work together.


FYI… we submitted a pull request at https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-tools/pull/36. Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this suggestion.

Thank you @mlisle, these are great changes. I merged the PR