Adding cert-tools in to a mobile app

What would be the best way to implement cert-tool in a javascript based mobile app. So i can issue certificates from the app based on the input. it must generate the certificate using the python script given in cert-tools. Is there a way to do this? so the cert-tools will be running in the background and gets input from the front end.


Wow, for starters I have no clue how difficult it would be to include a Python background service, but I guess it’s not a piece of cake at all !

Then, it seems to me that Cert-tools is very well adapted for mass-generation of the same certificate to different people, but not really the adequate tool to generate individual and specific certs.

It’s really a great idea. Basically what cert-tools does is it gets .csv and make that as unsigned .json. There are lot of similar projects available on github which u can try. Coming to the mobile app part, it will require some computing power and glitches can happen when you try python based code on android kernel. so u may use cloud services like AWS Lamda to host the functions (the code) and trigger it from the App. You can also use S3 buckets to keep the json files backup so u can access it even when u lose the local copy. These functions are available for free (till 1 year) in both AWS and Azure.

I don’t really see the point to adapt cert-tools for a mobile, cert-tools is really meant for mass-issuance of certificates like diplomas. It was the point, when it all started with MIT.

In the end, in the simplest implementation you just need some forms which will generate JSON, something that React native can easily do.

I’m working on something on the web side :slight_smile: