Adding BSV blockchain handler

I like to explore the possibility of adding BSV blockchain. It should be very similar to bitcoin handler, maybe a few tweaks will make it works.

I got an ‘access right’ error when pushing my changes into the new branch. Does the ‘cert-core’ Repos need some special access permission?

I think you need to fork and open a PR from that fork.

Thanks, I’m working on a fork repos now. Made some progress on constructing bsv tx, but now stuck at
Check sig failure from miner.

I have successfully placed the issuer hash into the BSV testnet

Is anyone willing to tweak the verifier javascripts/typescripts code to support BSV?

I believe BSV support will bring interesting use cases in the future.

Verifier logic should be the same with BTC, just need to change where to retrieve txn and hash.
WhatsOnChain API is good for now, Could add more source of truth in the future.

Following are the BSV anchor in the cert file.

PM me if you need sample BSV certs for testing.

Good news and good job!

I don’t have time to undertake the verification side but I suppose you need to look at the explorer lookup package: GitHub - blockchain-certificates/explorer-lookup: low level tool to make blockchain explorer(s) calls - REST and RPC