[RESOLVED] "Transaction occurred at time when issuing address was not considered valid."


Hi everyone,

Recently I am trying to deploy my first blockcert from the scratch. And here is roughly what I have done:

  1. Generated a wallet address (as well as the private key) on the bitcoin testate

  2. Created an issuer file and post it to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ppfish45/Blockcerts_test/master/test.json

  3. Batched two unsigned certificates with this issuer_id above

  4. Issue the two certificates by cert-issuer

  5. Upload the signed certificates onto the blockcerts.org to see whether it can be verified

The step 0, 1, 2, 3 just went smoothly. However, when verifying the signed certificates on the website, it said “Transaction occurred at time when issuing address was not considered valid”.

I can’t figure out why it happens. Although there is a thread talking about this issue, I have not get any solution from it. My concerting is that - whether the website only accepts those certificates issued by the issuing address which is REGISTERED ON THE WEBSITE?

Or is it caused by some other reasons that I ignored?

I appreciate any of your help. Thanks!!!



After looking into the problem, I hope to ask that:

  1. is the issuing address in cert-issuer exactly the same as the public key in cert-tools?

  2. what does the “created time” in cert-tools refer to?



Hi all,

I finally find the source of this error.
Please refer to https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-tools/pull/34 to see the details of the issue. My case is caused by the messing up of the timezone.

Hope it helps if you have encountered the same issue.