Reciever's public key in blockcert


I would like to know that what is badge id in blockchain certificate
and also what is the significance of receiver public key in Blockcert. Does it act as a additional information for receiver or receiver have to have a bitcoin wallet and share this public key with issuer to receive the certificate?



Further clarification on recipient’s public key…As per below link the recipient key is used by recipient to prove ownership however generally student ID can be used by students to prove the ownership?
So question is, Is it mandatory to have this public key with the learners? And in general flow at what point it is communicated with the issuer? Or Block cert assume that issuer and receiver will have some machanism to share this outside of blockcert application?

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I’d also like to know what a badge ID is, and when it’s generates it.

Oh it’s already talked about here

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Sorry for the delay @madison – glad you found it. Also, you might want to see the definition from the Open Badges spec, which is where this attribute comes from.

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