Installing explorer lookup in blockcert-viewer

Hello all, i want to ask about how to install explorer-lookup into blockcert verifier as i need to change the some files in the explorer-lookup/src. I tried installing blockcert-verifier first using “npm i @blockcerts/blockcerts-verifier”, then install the explorer lookup from the edited explorer-lookup(local) but it doesn’t seem to change anything in blockcert-verifier


We never really intended this library for public use so it is not a super flexible process, but basically you will need to maintain your own version of cert-verifier-js

This is the library hierarchy from high level to low level:

– blockcerts-verifier
---- cert-verifier-js
------ explorer-lookup

If you customise explorer lookup, you need to point to your own version (ie a github repo, or a npm package).
Then you need to point again a custom version of cvjs which uses your own explorer lookup.
Which then in turn you will use in your custom version of blockcerts verifier.

It’s not too complicated but by doing this you are forking to your own version of blockcerts verification system and you will be responsible for keeping up with the official version, if that’s what you desire.

If what you are modifying is regarding the bearer token headers, I have started looking at that but it’s not too straighforward. You could do the above as a temporary workaround to move forward for the time being. If you don’t want this in production just yet, you can do all the above and use npm link within your local packages, respecting the described hierarchy.

About this, i decided to make my own api server so that i can freely configure my header there, and return json just like what the blockcert-verifier expects