ImportError: No module named gridfs

i’m installing cert-viewer…" "

when i run this command " python -c conf_local.ini "

this error came … when i googled it … mongodb was not installed … i installed it but same error

Can you show us the full error that is displayed?

this is the error

That has not happened to me, but you can try installing that module with:

pip install gridfs

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@AlhaddadM: I just got that error when running cert-viewer today.

I had to run again: pip install .
So it rebuilt the dependencies again, and it worked.
Just make sure you run it in the cert-viewer folder, and that you are using a virtualenv.

If you get stucked make sure you follow the Install and Run steps here:



Sorry i didn’t responed … i solved the problem … i wasn’t in virtualenv…

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