Help with revocation


This certificate should be revoked:

The revocation list is here and contains the certificate ID:

The issuer profile is here:

I might be doing some things wrong. Any idea ?

Thanks a lot & keep safe at home,

Very strange, it looks like it doesn’t even attempt to resolve your revocation url, but I can definitely see it in the issuer profile. Other ethereum ropsten certs revoke too so it’s not a testnet vs mainnet issue.

Try opening up an issue directly on the cert-verifier-js repo and see if you can get some help there directly. Could be something wrong in the code.

Thanks a lot Anthony, I’ll post there !

Hi the same is happening here even with the sample revoked certificate

@DannyD23xD indeed, thanks !

@aronning In fact there is an already relevant existing issue that seems to relate to both 2 cases:

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thanks a lot checked github and checked this new release where is fixed