Failed JSON-LD normalization

Hi guys,
In your recent blockcerts-verifier version 1.57.2 we are getting the following error Failed JSON-LD normalization .
We were searching for details and we found a solution🙂. If you remove the publicKey attribute inside the verification general attribute the problem will be fixed without affecting the Blockcerts verification process.
The problem with this is that we need to remove the publicKey attribute in all the previous generated JSONs which is quite expensive​:cry::cry::cry:.
Looking forward to hearing from you and find alternatives.

Maybe is because the current public key structure has the following syntax with “-” symbol I dont know.
“verification”: {
“type”: [
“publicKey”: “ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey0x8Ad1fC3f16795Ab926BD3CHANGEDFORSECURITY”

this is being treated here: Failed JSON-LD normalization · Issue #1485 · blockchain-certificates/blockcerts-verifier · GitHub