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Is there any alignment planned with the work that is ongoing by https://identity.foundation/? The universal resolves, hubs, etc. could be quite interesting here. But I did not see any references between the efforts here and DIF.

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Yes, Kim Hamilton Duffy, Learning Machine CTO, has been the primary architect of Blockcerts and co-chair of the W3C’s Credentials Community Group, has now joined the steering committee of the DIF. In addition to alignment with other standards, a general introduction of intention has been shared in her recent blog post:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the answer, that is wonderful news :slight_smile: I missed the DIF link on your standard alginment page, that’s why I was asking. Did not see that news items.

I maybe can give some context what we are doing, maybe there is a way for us contributing a bit or make some progress on affiliated projects into this direction.

the company I work for is a technology provider and we are involved in two, three blockchain projects. One of those is already at a fairly concerete stage to make it productive in 12 months time. I noticed your initial focus is/was Bitcoin/Ethereum. We on the other side are more in the permissioned/corporate world with R3 Corda. So one of our requirements is to have a robust mid-term solution that scales to managing a few million identities in a first step. Once it is productive, those users will be there “waiting” already, since the participating companies have those users already today. In that context Bitcoin/Ehtereum does not seem to be an option for us at the current stage due to lack of scalablity and volatility. Long-term we likely throw the initial solution away again and follow whatever implementation got most traction. In that regards standards are important to us to (among many other things) make the implementation interchangeable. One possiblity for us could be to start with a basic more centralized approachfollowing the standards (did, identity hub, universal resolvers, etc.) to then be replace later… On the user side it would be great to see it already working together with e.g. Blockcerts.

on our side there is one full-time person starting with the topic in a weeks time. He will have prototyping/research focus. Somebody else (or multiple ones) will join with an implementation focus. Maybe you/Blockcerts has some pointers, or a more detailed roadmaps. Maybe efforts could also be aligned a bit with contributions from our side. Or by making Blockcerts and the standards work in our ecosystem/technology landscape.

Regards Remo

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Since Blockcerts is intended to right to any blockchain, including permissioned, please let the community know what would be adapted to make this work.

Aside, Blockcerts is aligned with W3C, DIF, RWoT and constantly evolving. As lower-level standards become solidified, Blockcerts will grow to reflect a usable implementation of these standards.

Microsoft’s latest paper was an excellent outline of this vision: https://query.prod.cms.rt.microsoft.com/cms/api/am/binary/RE2DjfY