Could blockcerts be used as a digital signature for any hashable docs?

Dear Community,

What an amazing inititative for educational validation and transparency. I’ve always held a desire to have the ability to piece credentials for later distribution and sharing. Thank you for doing this and judging by the interaction there isn’t enough appreciation for the minds and thoughts invested.

If my understanding ( as lay user ) is correct it appears the Blockcert utility isn’t limited to educational credentials as all files can be hashed for blockchain stamping. Is my non computer science interpretation correct?

And if so, could a programmer implement Blockcert to validate authenticity of all types of credentials, contracts, agreements, or document file on the blockchain?

Could the Blockchain hash be utilized as a digital signature?

Thanks for everything!


indeed, any type of document can be hashed and anchored by blockcerts solution.
In the upcoming v3, the display layer will not be limited to html either, and you will be able to hash images and pdfs too.

The signing mechanism of blockcerts is MerkleProof2017 (v2) and MerkleProof2019 (v3) and it is a valid cryptographic signature. The ecosystem provides everything from issuance to verification, as well as a wallet to hold documents, to ensure the validity and authenticity of documents issued through blockcerts.

As a user it is your responsibility to tie all these things together in your system, but essentially you have pinpointed the capacities of Blockcerts.