Cert-issuer problem "Sorry, Python 3.x required by this script"


I am getting Sorry, Python 3.x required by this script whenever I try to run the following command cert-issuer -c conf_final.ini


Hello. Yes, python3 is required by cert-issuer. I recommend using virtualenv to manage your python environments,

To install virtualenv:

pip install virtualenv

Create a python 3 virtualenv for your project

cd $project_home
virtualenv -p python3 venv

Activate the environment

source ./venv/bin/activate

After you’re finished, deactivate the environment by running



(venv) vigilare@vigilare-desktop:~/cert-issuer$ python -V
Python 3.5.2
(venv) vigilare@vigilare-desktop:~/cert-issuer$ cert-issuer -c conf_final.ini
WARNING:root:Your app is configured to skip the wifi check when the USB is plugged in. Read the documentation to ensure this is what you want, since this is less secure
Sorry, Python 3.x required by this script.
(venv) vigilare@vigilare-desktop:~/cert-issuer$


I just tested again and I couldn’t repro this error. One question – did you pip install cert-issuer? It seems like the python env info is inconsistent. Could you also try directly running the following:

python3 issuer_certificates.py -c conf_final.ini

If python3 isn’t in your env, then try python instead of python3.

Are you running a Linux OS btw?