Cannot get issuer profile & Error: Provisonal headers are shown


I’ve struggled with the problem for a few days, hope someone help me.

  • I put my issuer.json file on my web server(apache2), and i can access it in browser. but when i verify the certificate, the error message is unable to get issuer profile: 35%20PM

  • Inspect the blockcerts page when verifying, the network section gave message provisonal headers are shown. i guess it indicated that it couldn’t download the file from the given url.

  • From MDN

For security reasons, browsers restrict cross-origin HTTP requests initiated from within scripts. For example, XMLHttpRequest and Fetch follow the same-origin policy. So, a web application using XMLHttpRequest or Fetch could only make HTTP requests to its own domain.

I guess, only if we use default issuer url in our own project, it can access and download issuer profile and pass verification. If I use other domain other than, it dowsn’t work.

Anyone knows how to solve this?
Thanks in advance.


Looks like it’s trying to make a secure connection to it via HTTPS but it doesn’t appear to be a secure connection for whatever reason.

Your URL with http seems to work for me, but not the https version. I’d bet that’s the issue. has had no problem for me accessing issuer profiles that are on servers with CORS enabled.

Hmm, that’s wired. My url didn’t work for me. I use my own aws ubuntu server, and enabled ssl, but both didn’t work.

How do I solve this, or how did you do with issuer profile?