What is sign_certificate method

I am reading the python cert-issuer code in the repository, the sign_certificate method is pass, is there a sample about this?

The comment says “sign batch”, what is the specific process this method is doing for?

Hi Takeura,

so this is a good question, I tried to investigate but I couldn’t find much information, and this predates me joining and maintaining this project so I have never had to work around this part of the project.

Kim is not involved with Blockcerts anymore and I doubt she would remember some code implementation from 5 years ago. In this document, cert-issuer/contributing.md at master · blockchain-certificates/cert-issuer · GitHub, it says that certificate_handler.sign is not used at this moment (which likely still holds true). I suppose there was a broader idea behind the implementation, or maybe just compliance with a parent draft API (ie: VC HTTP API), and that it didn’t get implemented.

I think now the proof is signature enough from an issuer, so as long as the transaction anchoring the merkle root is signed by the issuer’s public key, the certificate is signed, but at the time maybe something was prepared for a long term that never occurred (and that’s most likely an implementation error).

The code works as is, and I’m not confident enough in the tests to go about and remove lines that may have unforeseen side effects (although in that case it looks like it could be fine, I don’t know that for sure, ie: is there somewhere a use case that allows for dependency injection?).

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