No Transaction Occuring [SOLVED]




Check this out. This was the supposed fix it seems (for windows and mac machines). And, I think you are not using docker, so this might be the fix you are looking for.

Try importing as _pysha3 and check?


Yup! You have that correct. If you check the signed json file, you’ll see that the recipient address is in there.


Yes I know I can’t do that. My point was to check whether the other imports were working in the file or not and whether keccak_224 was used by cert-issuer. I wanted to see if sha_224 would be used instead.


Yup. I got my certificates to issue on Python 3.5

I did change the requirements of pysha3 in /lib/python3.5/site-packages/merkletools-1.0.2-py3.5.egg/EGG-INFO/requires.txt from pysha3==1.0b1 to pysha>=1.0.2 though.


Hey @aronning I changed my issuing address and its private key to a new account and got my certificates to issue [tx]. However, I also changed the pysha3 requirements of merkeltools-1.0.2 at the same time like an idiot and hence, don’t know which fixed the issue. Although, my guess is changing pysha3 requirement did the trick. Did you update at your end as well @dev?

One thing I did notice was that the signed-certificates directory (work directory and otherwise) is always empty. Is that supposed to happen? If so, why ask us to create one?


Another user brought that up recently. I think that might be a typo somewhere, it should be in the blockchain_certificates when ready.



I didn’t have an issue with pysha3. So didn’t update that.
My issue was mismatch between public and private keys. After fixing that, we were able to issue the certificates.