Is there anyway to view your certificates if the issuer's site is down?

I got a certificate back in 2018 from a coding bootcamp. It looks like their site is now down. I’m 80% sure I know the correct hash (the wallet they were using was in a public slide deck and the transaction time is ~ an hour before they sent me the email with the link) Is there any way for me to turn that into the certificate? it seems like I need the certificate and just use the blockchain to validate the signature from a brief read of the docs. Am I missing something?
Thanks for your time.


indeed I think if you cannot retrieve the issuer profile at this time, then the certificate would invalidate.

The idea is that the issuer profile lives, in the way that the issuing keys of the issuer are stored there. For a certificate that has been issued, unless the URL is reachable, there is no way to modify that information without invalidating the hash. In some cases, the certificate should be reissued, but, if the issuer does not exist anymore, then it’s probably impossible there.

Finally, sometimes the issuer has added information within the document which could be enough, but at this time I think the default behavior of the verifier is to fail if the URL of the issuer profile fails.

So all in all, if you don’t mind sharing your certificate here, I could see if there is a workaround because I suspect you might not be an isolated case.