Cert-Verifier - root - ERROR - Key not found not found: id, error [SOLVED]


I’m using cert-viewer to view a certificate I created using cert-tools and issued via cert-issuer, but when I click ‘Verify Certificate’ nothing seems to happen, and I am getting errors in my log:

If anyone has an idea of the cause of this issue, or knows what missing id the error log is referring to I would appreciate the help.


Here’s what my issuerID looks like if that helps:

UPDATE: The verifier was looking for the key “id” from my issuer JSON and I had the key as “@id”. Changing this fixed the authentication issue.
(Note: you might want to update https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-verifier-js#issuer-identity, thanks!)

Thank you for catching this Cassie! It does look like the examples are inconsistent. Furthermore, we should be able to accept either. I’ll create an issue to address this in cert-verifier-js and any other locations that may be affected.

– Kim